Clean Eating, School Lunches, snacks

Lunches and snacks-Yummy!

Happy Wednesday!  Another start to a busy day. For four plus years now my children have been taking their own lunch and snacks to schools. I still remember how easy it was to be able just give my kiddos money to buy a school lunch and call it good. On the other hand, I also recall how it affected my kiddos. They may not have been satisfied with their lunch that day, or they didn’t feel well after it.  After I had done some more digging, I too wasn’t happy with the options they had available. So I started making their lunches for them to take every day. They also get a say in what they want for lunches when we meal plan for the week.  This way I know it is something they will at least eat. They know that there may be something in there lunch that may not be there favorite, but they will eat it anyway. I try to eliminate that as much as possible, but they do need quality food to be able to make it through the day!  So we often discuss, how our taste buds change. Food they may not like now, they may later. They must always try it, but I would not force them to eat it, if they didn’t like it.  For example, my oldest strongly disliked avocados, but then one day when she tried it she was like I can eat this now.  Just as an adult, there were foods I never was a fan of, like onions. But now I can’t get enough of caramelized onions, or even red onions on my salads.

I believe when my children see me making good food choices and trying things we may not always like, they too will follow our footsteps. I love using dinner time to discuss what we eat and why. Where food comes from, how it makes us feel, etc.

Now for Lunch today! One way I keep things easy is to have what we had atIMG_0061 dinner the night before, for lunch. So on the menu today is hamburger lettuce wraps with goat cheese, carrots, grapes, and a sunbutter ball ( see previous post for recipe). I grilled up the hamburgers last night for dinner. Lunch today is a little on the lighter side since it is an early out day, and they will have a snack and lunch before coming home to eat again.

I seasoned the hamburgers with himalayan salt, pepper, chili powder, and a little bit of ginger.

School is a peanut free facility and must bring in “packaged” foods.  So I try to stick to fruits and veggies. I also like sending in Enjoylife bars since they are certified gluten free, Non-GMO, and free from several allergens. To learn more about these bars check out their website here. I also keep these bars in their backpacks for birthday treat days. This way they can still participate in having a treat.

Some days (more like most) my life is all hustle and bustle, but I am glad I take the take to make meals that count! Take the time and make it simple! Dig in and remember to enjoy the journey.


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