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Paleo Friendly School Lunch

I have decided once my younger 2 get in pre-k next year I am going to pack all 5 kiddos lunches each morning.  I may actually start this summer! This way when I get home with them I can just pull them out of the fridge and they will be ready to go.  Plus if we want to hit a park, or run errands I can just grab the lunchbots and go! They do enjoy having their lunches like their older siblings.

Today’s lunch is paleo friendly.  Most of our lunches are, do to the numerous allergies my younger daughter has/had. Like the majority of my lunches it was leftovers from a previous meal.  This makes it easier for throwing them together the night before, or even the morning of. My girls also like making their lunches in the morning so they know exactly what can go in them.  Win…Win!

My crew enjoyed filling their bellies today with Against All Grains 2 ingreIMG_0063dient jello.  You can  find her recipe on her website here. Mixed kale salad topped with Go Raw sprouted pumpkin seeds and organic raisins that we get from Costco. My kiddos do not use dressing on their salad just some sort of fruit. Fruit today was oranges and pineapple. Finally leftover organic grilled chicken drumsticks that we pulled off the bone. Oh and I can’t forget their sunbutter ball!

The chicken drumsticks were lightly coated with avocado oil. Then seasoned with pink himalayan salt and organic no-salt seasoning from Costco (thanks Clara for the recommendation).  Then grilled to perfection. Typically we season our chicken drumsticks with salt and pepper, and that is just as delicious!

Happy lunch packing. Remember to keep it simple and healthy! Enjoy.

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