Clean Eating, School Lunches

School Lunch

It’s Monday and back to getting things done. After a great weekend on the soccer fields with my girls and family, it is time to hit the ground running. So without further ado, here is today’s lunch!


These silicone cupcake holders make throwing this lunch together much easier. Especially if your kiddos like their food to be separated! Can I just say I love Trader Joes.  I was spoiled back in Iowa when I only had a quick 5 minute trip. Now it is almost 30 minutes to get their. So I go every 2 weeks instead.

The kiddos enjoyed broccoli slaw (Trader Joes), plantain chips (Trader Joes), go raw sprouted pumpkin seeds (Costco), grilled organic chicken breast (Costco), strawberries, and a dark chocolate honey mint (Trader Joes).

Happy Eating! Remember to keep it clean and simple. Gobble up.

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