Charlotte's Story

Charlotte’s Story (Part 3)

What a rollercoaster ride it has been for Charlotte’s first couple years of life. So much I have learned through her! I tell myself not to play the what if game. What if I would have had her tested earlier…what if I would have changed this or that…I did the best I could with the resources I had. Live in the present and not the past.

I have been so thankful for the amazing chiropractor Charlotte had been seeing from birth up until we moved out-of-state this past year. She had been a strong advocate for me in trying to help my little girl. We started Charlotte on probiotic pretty much since birth, along with vitamin D. Around 14 months of age we added in UltraCare of Kids since I was starting to wean them from breastmilk. UltraCare for kids is specifically formulated for children with food allergies. It provides a comprehensive blend of low-allergy potential macro- and micronutrients to nutritionally support the reduction of symptoms associated with food allergies and complement restricted diets. See Metagenics website for more details here.

Even after eliminating the foods from the skin allergy test, Charlotte would still go through episodes of mild eczema and inflammation. This is when her chiropractor recommended we do an IgG delayed hypersensitivity, cytokine inflammation (Food and Safety) allergy test. This is a blood finger stick test. You can find more information regarding this test here.  I remember getting the results for this test still to this day. Besides her allergies from the skin test (peanut, wheat, beef, peas, tomato, fish, shellfish, and brazil nuts) she showed intolerance to eggs, lamb, pecans, walnuts, bananas, pineapple, and red grapes. After the news I called my husband crying. Now I had to eliminate even more foods from her diet. We were already on a pretty strict diet. Some of them were no big deal to eliminate, but eggs and bananas was a different ball game. They were staples in my house and on my menu. We then were to add in L-Glutamine powder, extra virgin olive oil, and fermented foods in addition to her already taking a probiotic and vitamin D. Also needed to supplement calcium through a non-dairy source, and calcium fortified foods (orange juice, full fat coconut milk, green leafy vegetables, etc.) We were on the road to help heal her gut. I remember feeling so overwhelmed.  How could such a little girl have so many allergies/intolerance to food?

I could do it. It is what she needs, and I am her mother. So we stuck to making our meals from scratch and finding alternatives so some of her favorite meals. The changes I saw in Charlotte were huge. Remember, this doesn’t happen overnight. After about a week we saw visible signs of her healing and knew were finally on the right track. Skin cleared, she was a happy girl, sleeping through the night finally. She was a totally different girl to me!

It was a lot of work, but worth every bit of it. From time to time over the past couple years I tried to add in foods to see how she would do. Charlotte would still show signs of intolerance. As of this past December her allergy testing came back with just peanuts, soy, and shellfish. Soy was a new one for us, so we are just keeping an eye on it. We really don’t eat foods with soy in them so the allergists was not concerned. So we are slowly adding in foods to see how she does.

When it comes to her going to school now, I pack all her snacks. With her allergies and food intolerance I wanted to be in charge of what she had for snacks with not having to worry about her eating something she is supposed to. This also gives me control of what she eats in the classroom.  Parents at her school can sign up to bring in snacks. I informed the teacher that I would be sending in her daily snacks. Teachers at first thinks it is a little strange or get concerned that she will not get to partake in certain snacks/treats. I just tell them she is use to it, this is how we do things at home and she thinks no different. I do make it special for her, so she has her own snack bag she brings in with just her snacks in it. I guess you can say we are 80/20 paleo, and a completely gluten-free/peanut-free household.

I will be sharing some of her favorite foods in future post. So be on the lookout!  Always feel free to reach out for support. Remember to purposely choose how you are going to live your journey.  Thanks for reading in on my daughter’s story!



***these are my own thoughts and opinions. I was not given or asked to write a review on any of the products I mentioned. I encourage you to do your own research and consult with a professional before making your own changes.

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