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Eating Clean While Traveling

This past weekend was busy. The girls finished up their last soccer tournament of the season, which for us was a 2 plus hour drive and an over night stay. That meant meal planning for the weekend, grocery shopping, and meal prep was on the agenda. Let me tell you it does take work, but it is most rewarding thing to do! I have a plan in place, notebook ready to go, and then it is check…check….check…off the list. So here is how it went down…

I made my list of what we were going to have to eat. I am a strong believer in making it simple. We don’t mind repeat foods, especially when traveling. It makes preparing and grocery shopping so much easier. With busy schedules, I didn’t start preparing for the weekend until Thursday night. Which isn’t unusual for me. I would really like to try to get things done sooner, but the week was already busy itself. So I made my agenda and sent it off to Rob to be sure we were on the same page or if he wanted to add anything further.

I planned out breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and snack for the 2 days. I also listed out our agenda (whatever we may be doing on the trip), and mass times in the area for us to be able to attend church while we are traveling.

Now I can plug in my grocery list into the Wunderlist app. If you don’t use this, you need to check it out! I use this all the time for my grocery shopping. It is so easy and has been a lifesaver. I can plug in what I need, uncheck previous items I put in before and add to my list, and/or mark favorite items. It is also great because I can make a grocery list, and then ask Rob to pick the items up on his way home from work because we have them synched on each phone. As you shop you just click the box as you pick up your items; easy peasy.

These are a few of my finds from Trader Joes and Costco for my meals this trip. I have labeled below what I purchased.

Trader Joes: Organic-Sweet Peppers, Celery, Broccoli Slaw, Sweet Potatoes, Kalamon Olives, unsweetened apple sauce, popcorn, and Pops (suckers). Uncured ham, raw milk cheese, sunbutter, plantain chips, banana chips, and dark chocolate honey mints
Costco: Organic- chicken, raisins, eggs, wholly guacamole, and kiolbassa. Also grabbed avocado oil.

Now on to meal prep. I try to get as much done as possible to make putting meals together quickly and efficiently. This saves me time when we may be in a crunch, or I IMG_0075have some hungry kiddos. Since we had to leave early I made breakfast for on the go Saturday morning. Rob and I had eggs, mushrooms, and Applegate sausage links. For the kiddos I made Fluffy Paleo Pancakes from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen. You can find the recipe here. They are super easy to make. I made these into sunbutter and honey sandwiches for the kiddos to have Saturday and Sunday for breakfast. The girls had an early morning game Sunday so this makes it easy. Day 1 and 2 breakfasts, done!



IMG_0073All snacks were next. I packed enough larabars and cuties to have as one snack for each day. Packed a bag of raisins and made a huge bowl of popcorn for another snack. Then made tuna salad and egg salad. Rob and I also ate these for breakfast or had on top of our salads. Packed some chicharrones, plantain chips, and rice rolls. Made my sunbutter balls. Finally, made The Spunky Coconut candy roasted nuts.  You can find her recipe here.  Day 1 and 2 snacks, done!

IMG_0086Lunches were next. I made lunches for both days the same. They would be great for on the go if we needed to have lunch at the soccer fields. The ham rolls I could make when we got there. I slivered the carrots and cut up the celery. Day 1 and Day 2 lunch prep done! Lunches were then easy to put together once there. All I had to do was slice up the cheese (I would have sliced the cheese before hand, but forgot). Take a slice of ham, spread some wholly guacamole, add a slice of raw milk cheese, slivered carrots, and roll up. Served it with celery and sunbutter, strawberries/apples, pickles, and kettle chips. Also made a mix salad for anyone that wanted one.

Finally, dinner prep. I initially had potatoes on the agenda because we thought about grilling out at a park. Since we didn’t know if time would allow, I scratched the idea. So all I had to do was grill up some chicken breast.  I oiled the breast with some avocado oil and added an organic salt free season blend with some Himalayan salt and black pepper. Packed some Tesserae dressing (by far my favorite dressing, plus it is paleo friendly).  Dinner prep for day 1 and 2, done!


It may seem like a lot to do but you can do it! I grocery shopped, did meal prep, and all my other errands all on Friday! Saturday morning we loaded up the famous Yeti, packed the car, and hit the road. The food would have been fine all weekend in the Yeti, but we unloaded a good portion of it in the hotel so we didn’t have to make multiple trips to the car. Even with a small fridge I was able to load our food in.


The weekend overall went very smooth.  The girls landed into the championship game and brought home the win. It was a great ending to a great season.  I loved watching the girls play and grow this season. We decided to take our time heading back and pit stop on the way home to eat and do some adventuring as a family. We shared some great laughs, new adventures, and the ability to enjoy the great outdoors. I am so very blessed for this beautiful family of mine.

Be sure to check me out on instagram @jengonefit, and twitter @nettaj for more meal ideas and pictures from our weekend!

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