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T…T…for Taco Thursday

Thursday calls for Taco day. Super easy throw together meal, and makes great leftovers! Today also calls for meal planning and meal prep for this weekend. I will be sharing my meal plan for the coming week tomorrow.

Lunch today is taco salad. I like to pick up grass-fed beef only when it is on sale. When grass-fed beef is on sale at my local grocery store it usually is sold out fast. I usually hit the grocery store at least twice a week. I will pick up the beef one day, and usually by the second trip it is gone.  At the second trip I will then ask for a rain check. This way I can stock up at a later date again at the sale price. The sale prices can range anywhere from $3.99-$5.99 a pound. Win…Win…

I also make my own taco season. Ground up the meat. Then today I added in cumin, chili powder, paprika, and oregano. I let it cool before I put it in their lunches. Lunch today included sliced up strawberries, romain lettuce with sweet peppers, and goat gouda cheese. The taco meat is in a side dish.  When they get to school they will dump the taco meat on top of their salad giving them more room to mix it in. A great satisfying meal! I also love hearing my kiddos say how they can’t wait to have their lunch. Tacos is by far one of the favorites!

Keep it clean…Keep it simple…Enjoy!


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