Clean Eating, School Lunches

Friday Leftovers

School lunch today calls for Friday leftovers! Friday is the day we usually clean out the rest of fridge to prepare for next weeks meals. Nice thing about menu planning is you usually only buy what you need. So by Friday my fridge is looking bare.

Today’s school lunch for the kiddos included a lot more veggies. You will see I packed celery, pickles, sweet peppers, and a mixed green salad.  I topped the salad with goat gouda and Wholly Guacamole. Seriously love the individual cups of Wholly Guacamole! The are also great for school snacks along with plantain chips.  Fruit today was oranges, and then we finished up the taco meat from yesterday.

Refreshing and delicious as my kiddos would say. Remember to keep it simple…Keep it clean!


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