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Saturday Morning Breakfast

A free weekend with no plan events…YES! So today calls for cleaning the house, catching up on the laundry, and cleaning out the garage. My kiddos love when they hear the words “spring cleaning your rooms”…NOT. Windows are open, sun is shinning, feeling the breeze. Now just hoping I will get a lot done today.

Family breakfast around the table is my cup of tea. Love family conversation. Reminds me of when I was growing up and the stories we told (oh burping contest) at the dinner table. It brings a smile to my face every time. I am so blessed to be able to share this same tradition with my children. Rob and I even love sharing stories about their aunts and uncles. The infamous question on how Rob and I met. Although my stories are probably not as good as my Dad’s, I still enjoy their laughter.  Don’t get me wrong, time around the table is not always smiles and laughter. We do have the occasional yelling, screaming, crying, arguing, bickering, etc. The joys of having a beautiful and loving family.IMG_0097

Today’s breakfast included scrambled eggs, potatoes, baby portobello mushrooms, and kiolbassa. I also gave the kiddos an orange with their breakfast this morning (not pictured). The Kiolbassa we get from Costco. One downside to Costco is they don’t always carry it, or the same brand. This is the new brand they are now carrying. It is $2 more and one less sausage. So unless they carry the other brand, this will now become a once in awhile thing and I will go back to making my own ground sausage for awhile. Chino Valley Ranchers is a local to me, but they are carried at Costco. These are organic, free range eggs which can be very expensive to buy. I can buy these for $2.79/dozen at Costco. Costco also carries 18 pack of organic eggs also, but if you do the price comparison it is cheaper to buy these; always look at the cost per dozen.

I started off with making the potatoes on the stove with some avocado oil and fried them up. Added a little bit of himalayan salt and done. While the potatoes cooked, I cut up the Kiolbassa. After the potatoes were done I put them in dish and, I threw the Kiolbassa into the same pan with no oil as the Kiolbassa will produce its own while cooking. Once the Kiolbassa was done I put them in a dish, and threw in the mushrooms with the grease from the Kiolbassa. I dished out the mushrooms to a plate and added a little bit more avocado oil and made the eggs. So I used 1 pan for all 4 foods, making less of a clean up for me!

Enjoy your morning and a healthy, wholesome breakfast.


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