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Kids in the Kitchen and Chocolate Avocado Pudding

From time to time I get asked how I got my kiddos to change their thinking on food. One, I am the parent. I am responsible for the groceries we buy in my household. Two, if they watch what I eat hopefully they will take note and do the same. Three, I allow my kiddos in the kitchen helping me out. The last one was a big one for me. I make messes in the kitchen so will they, and I needed to let go of that. I can always clean up the mess, but the lessons are vital. They are learning about food, how it affects our bodies, why we eat what we eat, and how to prepare it. So many life lessons can be taught in the kitchen.

In comes my kiddos in the kitchen. They help prepare the weekly menu, make a meal, and prepare a snack. They learn to wash dishes, set the table, clean up the table, and put things back where they belong. They learn to measure, read ingredients, and can’t forget to taste test! Of course we have had messes, broken dishes, arguments, and tears. But that doesn’t out weigh the learning, laughter, and the joy of watching them make their way around the kitchen.

I am a strong believer if they help in the kitchen, they will also eat what they make. They test foods they may not have ever wanted to try. Learn how food can taste differently depending on how we prepare it.

When I first made changes to our diet, I really focused on foods I knew they loved, but altered them to a healthier version. They know they must try everything because you never know when your taste buds will change. Ever watch Master Chef Junior? My kiddos love it. Even at the dinner table they try to prepare their own dishes as a contest 5…4…3…2…1…Hands up in the air. They will go around check each others out and grade them. Maybe even try each others out. What a great way to get them excited about the food that was prepared for them, and allow them to dish their own food onto their plate for perfection!

IMG_0116Looking for a healthier alternative to pudding. My kiddos love to make chocolate avocado pudding. One recipe I was hesitant to make, but so glad I gave it a try. The LOVE it!  I used  Lindsay’s recipe from Delighted Mommas.  You can find her recipe here. I now double the recipe when I make it. Also when Charlotte was allergic to bananas I just used avocados, but have since switch to 1 avocado and 1 banana. Super easy to make and my oldest daughter loves being able to make it herself.


Remember change doesn’t happen over night. I may take them some time to adjust and that is okay. Be willing to try new things with them and be patient. Stay consistent and positive, you may be surprised!

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