Workout Friday

Another week has gone by and it’s already Friday! I am enjoying the beautiful breeze and cooler weather today. Out at the park watching my kiddos play as I sit here and type away. I would have never imagined myself being a stay at home mamma, but I love it! I definitely have my days, but who doesn’t. It took me awhile to get accustomed to not working. I am so blessed though to be able to watch them grow up and it brings back so many memories of when I was younger. It reminds me of my mom being able to stay at home with us. When we got home from school she was always there. At our sporting events she never missed a beat. I am forever grateful to her for always being there for us.

It also brings back the times when she would go out with all her lady friends (and she still does to this day) in the evenings to have some time for her. Which I believe is so very important. It takes a village to raise a family as my friend, Clara, would say and I totally agree! I need a network of women who I can relate to, escape and hang out with, that motivates me, and keeps me accountable. To be there for me when I am in a pinch and vise versa. Faith, Family, Friends, and Community it is all important and goes hand in hand.

Usually twice a week a group of us ladies get together and workout, thanks to a wonderful lady that runs the workouts. It is a great way for us mammas to get together, socialize, and workout. Some of us have our kiddos come along, and what better way to show them the importance of exercise and community. I enjoy getting together and supporting each other!

Today I branched out of my comfort zone and lead the workout today! So that is what I am sharing with you today. Get out and have fun!IMG_0292


30 sec. jumping jacks

30 sec. push up to side planks

30 sec. rest


30 sec. of squat jumps (narrow & wide)

1 min. mountain climbers

30 secs. Rest


30 sec. burpee-jack-turn arounds

1 min. rocking single leg planks (30 sec. each leg)

30 sec. rest


30 sec. jump rope

30 sec. sneak attacks with pulse

30 sec. dolphins

30 sec. rest


30 sec. toe tap to tree

1 min. sumo squat to front leg kick (30 sec each leg)

Rest 90 sec.

Repeat 2 more times


Ended with abs

30 sec. Russian twist

30 sec. sit up to V ups

30sec. alt hip drops

30 sec. hold bridge


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