Life Lessons With Girls

My kiddos are my world. With going through some ups and downs when I was growing up, I wanted to find a way to really connect with my girls (just like I can connect with my mom). As they are getting older, and being challenged in all aspects in life, I want to be the person they feel comfortable with, to come to, and talk to about anything. Not judging them, but always listening. I always tell them I love them unconditionally, but I may not always agree with the actions taking place. We are a family, a team, and always here to cheer them on!

A year ago I started mother/daughter journals. A place where they could communicate with me when I may not be around, or when they necessarily didn’t want to taIMG_0295lk to me directly. It is a place where they can put their thoughts and concerns they may have on paper.  It is always a place they can write about the good or the bad. If they are wanting advice or just need to get something off their chest. When they write in it they leave it in my room to read. I always write back. I also use the journal as talking points when we have mommy/daughter days. I have had a lot of success so far using the journal. The girls also like using them too!  This is the journal I picked up from the Dollar Store, and it has been the best $1 I have ever spent.



IMG_0304Lately, I have noticed my older daughter hesitant to talk about her day. It has been some time since we have had some in-depth 1:1 time together. So I figured it was time to schedule a date. A date is a time were it is just 1:1 with each other and no one else. A time for us to spend together, have fun, and chat. It doesn’t need to cost money either. I love that my kiddos enjoy being outdoors. So, I invited my daughter on a hike today. We hit the trail early this morning! We were on our way to conquer that mountain behind us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Four plus miles we hiked today with lots to talk about.


A single hike can bring forth so many life lessons without even knowing it.

These life lessons are hers as much as they are mine. I too can learn a lot from her. It brought a smile to my face as we were jogging along when she turned and said, “I challenge you to a race…go.” That competitiveness I love it!IMG_0299

Even the encouragement you get from others you don’t know along the way. Even the biff near the end of the trail with the battle wounds to show off. Life isn’t always smoothing sailing. We will hit bumpy/rocky roads. We may even fall down. We need to make up our minds to get up, keep going, push forward. Those times just make us stronger. Just like Jesus made sacrifices, we to have sacrifices we face. Those are the times we grow even deeper.



Though this hiking journey ended, the journey itself never ends. We continue to move forth taking life one step at a time. Always listening, not judging. Loving unconditionally every step along the way. I commit myself to her and all my kiddos each and every day.  PURPOSE…LIVING…JOURNEYIMG_0297



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