Menu Planning

Meals for the Week-UGH

My wonderful world of menu planning for the week to come has approached. I have tIMG_0346otally been unmotivated to write up my menu. Even the thoughts about shopping and cooking, and I just want to tap out!  Seriously, I would love to have someone come plan my menu, shop, and do all my cooking this week. Now that seems like a dream come true to me! Since that is not going to happen, I guess it is to the board I go to plan out my next six days of meals.  The only way I keep my sanity, plus I am picky!

With a crazy week in store, I am making it easy on myself. Really there is nothing wrong with having the same breakfast every morning. I planned out to do breakfast casserole Saturday and Sunday, but I plan to just stay with hash casserole. With my fridge already maxed out, it will be easier to make as I go instead of trying to find more room for leftovers at this point. Breakfast these next six days will be eggs and potatoes. I will add in either ham, kolbassa sausage, or bacon to the morning mix. Also since going shopping today, I switched my granola to Larabars instead. Kind of bummed out that Trader Joe’s changed their cashews to being made in facility with wheat, eggs, soy, etc. So now those are out of the question. The importance of reading labels even when you pretty much get the same things over and over. Without further ado here is what my next six days will look like…IMG_0347

With two kids in tow, off to the three stores I went. Since Trader Joe’s is the furthest away I start with that one. I pack a cooler so I can keep things cold as we go; especially in the hotter months. Next stop I hit was Costco. Costco is where I get the majority of my meats/protein. Today it was Kolbassa sausage, organic ground turkey, organic chicken breast, pork belly, and eggs. Final stop was Sprouts for just a few odds and ins, like mini enjoy life chocolate chips.  I already had a few veggies at home including our salad so I didn’t have to buy those this time around. Also Nick Sicks we typically have on hand, although our stash is in need of a restock!  We buy our Nick Sticks online here. They are 100% grass-fed beef and free-range turkey. Simply made with real ingredients.  I buy organic when it’s available and also when my budget allows. For the most part I can get what I need!  So after $288.42 later here is what I walked away with.IMG_0348

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