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Cold Brew Coffee – My LOVE

Happy Sunday to you all. This marks the last weekend officially of summer, but it is still well in the 90s or above in the great state of Arizona where I live!  I will be looking forward to October when the temps hopefully will really start to change. Although, the last couple of morning I have enjoyed my daily exercise in much cooler temperatures finally 🙂

Speaking of summer, one thing I have been really enjoying is some great Cold Brew Coffee.  I have never really been a coffee drinker until I had it COLD. This summer I have been enjoying a nice cup of Cold Brew. Really is refreshing, and has been a great pick me up in the afternoons. Making Cold Brew does take some time. Brewing time is 24hours!

Rob is a lover of Kickstarter programs and came across Fellow Duo Coffee Steeper and we fell in love with it. We have a first generation and since they have come out with a second generation. It is easy to make hot or cold coffee. Go check them out and see for yourself! Seriously the best tasting coffee ever.

We were making the cold brew in the Duo Coffee Steeper, but since we are both drinking it we have made some changes since it has to brew 24hrs. I wanted to free up the steeper in case we wanted to make coffee while we were still waiting for our other one to finish brewing in the fridge.

What you will need:

  • Duo Coffee Steeper
  • 1/2 Gallon Mason Jar
  • Dark Coarse ground coffee ( we ground our own at the store)
  • Filtered Water

** If you are only using the Duo Coffee Steeper. You would place 3 tbsp of ground coffee in the chamber and fill chamber with filtered water. Place cap on and set in fridge for 12 hours. Then when ready to drink it twist to drain coffee into bottom chamber.

Steps for Making 24hr Cold Brew Coffee:

  1. Place 8 TBSP of dark course ground coffee in bottom of 1/2 gallon mason jar. Then fill mason jar with filtered water up to the 1/2 gallon mark. Stir with wooden spoon. Place cap on and put in refrigerator for 24 hours. ( Also pictured is one that we already made and I was making a cup for myself)img_0710

2. After 24 hours, take mason jar out of fridge and strain through Duo Coffee Steeper. Fill first chamber with coffee until full. Then twist and drain into second chamber. Pour strained coffee into clean mason jar. Repeat steps until all coffee has been strained. Seems time consuming, but it really isn’t. img_0708


Now you can enjoy a fresh cup of cold brew however you like it. Enjoy it black, with creamer, or heck why not with some chocolate milk!

Fill cup with cold brew coffee and add equal parts of french vanilla creamer and cashew chocolate milk- Delightfully creamy!!

Now go make yourself some!

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