Sunday Weekly Workout Review! 10/9-10/15

This week I designed to be kind of a low key week following the triathlon. I will be switching to a little more of a run focus in these weeks ahead. I have two 10ks coming up and will be training for a another half marathon in April 2017!  Since Rob is training for his first Ironman 70.3 in 2017; I figured why not train along with him a little bit and do the half marathon portion with him. Overall, this week went great!img_0823

Sunday – This was the day after my Sprint Triathlon. I was feeling pretty good following the triathlon so I did a recovery run just to shake things out. Ran 3 miles averaging 13:47 per mile. Keeping my heart rate below 140 beats per minute. I averaged around 135 beats per minute for this run. It felt great just to get out.




Monday– Set out and did an afternoon ride of 30.4 miles. Followed 10 minute core workout.img_0824


Tuesday – Did a morning strength leg focus workout with some ladies at the park. Then I followed it with 3.1 miles of speed intervals. 1 minute speed workout at about 8img_0826 minute mile followed by 2 minutes of recovery at 12 minute mile. Continued this interval until I reached a 5K. img_0825


Wednesday– Stretch out swim. Went to the pool with the family in the evening and got in 663 yards in the pool. Not as many yards as I wanted, but I at least I got something in. Goal was to stretch it out with each stroke.  I also did some yoga. I personally like Yoga with Adriene. She has a lot of videos on YouTube you can check them out here.img_0827


Thursday – 4 mile easy run. Walked for 45 seconds to a minute at each mile marker. Averaged 10:37/mile. Then swaimg_0828m with the family. Didn’t track yards in the pool, but swam a few laps with the kiddos.  Evening stretch out with bedtime yoga you can find here.img_0833

Friday – 11 mile hike with ladders and some jogging with my older 2 girls. Technically was only to be a 5 mile hike, but wanted to try a different trail. Should have consulted the map before venturing on. Didn’t realize it was such a long trail. It was great bonding time with my girls and they did amazing! We really love our hiking days together.


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