Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon Review

This is the second year I have attended the Phoenix Women’s Half Marathon. Last year I did the half and this year I ran the 10K with a group of ladies. I wasn’t planning a PR. My goal for this race was to use it as part of my training for my upcoming half in March. My ankle has been bothering me these last few months, so I have been taking it easy and allowing it time heal.

I chose to do intervals for this race as I haven’t been out running lately. I did 4 minutes running with 1 minute of walking. Two of the intervals I did 8 minutes of running and 1 minute of walking. Overall, I felt great during the race. My heart rate tends to run on the high side when I run and sure enough this day was no different. Partially why I did intervals too. Giving my heart a recovery period. Have any of you tried heart rate training? I go back and forth on it. I honestly try not to dwell on it and just go based off how I feel. Although, I would also like to see it steady out a bit on longer runs. Let me know your thoughts below.

I of course get stretched out before and after the race. Again this year I was stretch out thanks to SpineFit. If you are looking for a Chiropractor that specializes in athletes and you live in the Arizona area then you need to go and check out Dr. Dane Kohl. He is pretty amazing!

The course isn’t that bad either.  I like the underpasses to give variation during the race.  Having to go down the underpass and then back up, that little incline is a nice change of pace during the run for me. I also enjoy the option to run on the canal instead of just pavement. So the dirt path is what I ran on most of the race.

My gear for my race:


Altra Running shoes. This past month I invested in a new pair of Altra Running shoes. With the longer distance on the road I decided on something with a little more cushion. I was using One 2.5 from Altra and I can say I love the shoe too. This is the shoe I ran my half marathon in last year. With the recent ankle issues, I chose to try something with just a bit more cushioning. I can say I love these Torin 2.5‘s just as much! I can’t imagine running in another brand shoe. My feet love the open toe box and zero drop shoes.

Sock game: I chose non other than Pro Compression socks. I don’t go on a run without them. I recover much faster from my runs and have less muscle soreness. Compression socks help increase blood flow and aids in the recovery process. One of my best investments!

Running shorts: Dona Jo- JoJO running shorts are my favorite. They are light weight and are just the right length. They also do not ride up while I am running. They come in a lot of cool designs too. I currently wear a size 2 in these, but will like to try a size 1 to see the difference as I think I am in between sizes. These still fit amazing though on me. If you would like to try them then follow this link to get your very own discount code!

Shirt/Jacket-  I wore my favorite TriMafia shirt by I Am Velocity, but since it was cold out I also wore the jacket I got as swag for the race. This race gives the best jackets instead of tech shirts.

Headwrap- Fringe Fighter Headband by Lululemon.  These headbands stay in place. They are also great for covering the ears a little bit if it is cold out. I also wear these under my cycle helmet. They are great if you have bangs, but also help with keeping the sweat out of the eyes.  They are reversible too.

Nutrition support- I had a protein bar and half a banana early in the morning when I woke up. Then I typically don’t eat anything more until after the race and pack water with me. I also ran with Tailwind Nutrition. I have wrote about why I like tailwind here. I did one scoop in with my water during my run. As they say ” Tailwind mixes with water to meet all your calorie, hydration, and electrolyte needs, without upsetting your stomach or making your taste buds revolt. Just toss it in a bottle or hydration pack, shake, and GO!” It really does the trick. I have seen a difference in my overall performance and it is easy on the stomach.

Race Belt: Xterra Wetsuit Race Belt that way I don’t have to pin on my race number to my shirts.

If you ever are looking for a race to do come and join me next year. They even have a virtual option too! Until next time, Happy Running!


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