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Peanut Allergy & Snacking on a Sunbutter ball

My youngest daughter, C-girl, has a peanut allergy so I wanted to find a great snack we could have.   I have chosen not to keep peanut butter in my house for this primary reason.  My snack of choice back in 2013 was the peanut butter cookie Larabar or the peanut butter chocolate chip larabar.… Continue reading Peanut Allergy & Snacking on a Sunbutter ball

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Life Choices and Healthy Eating

It is summer break and with that comes easier meals for me and NO more school lunches to pack! We get to enjoy the outdoors, lots of time at the pool, and of course books in hand.   I am really am liking The Rhythm of Life -Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose by Matthew Kelly.… Continue reading Life Choices and Healthy Eating

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Weekly Menu for May 21-27

It is that time again to plan for weekly meals and grocery shop. Right now my meal plans are running Saturday thru Friday with the following Saturday being my grocery shopping day and meal prep. It worked out perfect for me this week! I have been dedicating myself to a new goal of waking up early… Continue reading Weekly Menu for May 21-27

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My menu 

Busy weekend doing some testing on a new recipe that I haven’t had since I went paleo. Super excited to be sharing it with you all soon. Just have a few more finishing tweaks! So with the restricted amount of time I just put together a quick 5 day meal plan (M-F). Here is what… Continue reading My menu 

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Eating Clean While Traveling

This past weekend was busy. The girls finished up their last soccer tournament of the season, which for us was a 2 plus hour drive and an over night stay. That meant meal planning for the weekend, grocery shopping, and meal prep was on the agenda. Let me tell you it does take work, but… Continue reading Eating Clean While Traveling

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School Lunch

Happy Tuesday!  Lunches are packed and ready to go. My 3 elementary kiddos enjoy helping pack their lunch every morning. Today they will have celery, blueberries, hotdogs, and a sunbutter ball.  Recipe for the sunbutter balls I will be sharing soon.  They are one of my favorites to make. When packing hotdogs in their lunches,… Continue reading School Lunch