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Thursday Must Haves plus GRF Discount Code

Wow, where did the month of October go. When I look at my training for the month I feel pretty good. My goal is to stay healthy and active, but also to always have a plan. I lay out what I  plan to do each week, but don’t beat myself up if it doesn’t get done as planned. I try to take each day as it comes, and to listen to the body. There was a week were timing wasn’t in my favor for what I had planned so I ended up taking an extra rest day. My body appreciated the extra rest too!

So over the next several weeks I am sharing some of my must haves ranging from fitness gear to nutrition. Today I am sharing my favorite tanks and shirts from Girls Run Fast. They are light-weight and bright! One thing I love when I run or even bike is a bright shirt so I can be seen! They also have some great jewelry and running tags. Be sure to use JENSENJ15 to get 15% off your products.

Girls Run Fast t-shirts – they run true to size. I am wearing a small here, but next time I will probably go a size up.

Girls Run Fast Tank – They also run true to size. I am wearing  small here and I like the fit and length.img_0836


Another one of my favorite must haves is Fitness Headbands. I love the classic headbands. They are comfortable, moisture wicking, and STAY in place! I can wear it slightly over the tops of my ears or behind them. Out of the handful of headbands I have tried, these are by far my favorite. They are reasonably priced and are made in U.S.A. 🙂 They also make for a great gift with the holiday’s coming up. I have worn them working out as well as dressing up my everyday hairdo.

What are your favorite must haves?  If you grab any of these products leave me a comment below and let me know what you think! Stay tone for next week’s must haves!


Sunday Weekly Workout Review! 10/9-10/15

This week I designed to be kind of a low key week following the triathlon. I will be switching to a little more of a run focus in these weeks ahead. I have two 10ks coming up and will be training for a another half marathon in April 2017!  Since Rob is training for his first Ironman 70.3 in 2017; I figured why not train along with him a little bit and do the half marathon portion with him. Overall, this week went great!img_0823

Sunday – This was the day after my Sprint Triathlon. I was feeling pretty good following the triathlon so I did a recovery run just to shake things out. Ran 3 miles averaging 13:47 per mile. Keeping my heart rate below 140 beats per minute. I averaged around 135 beats per minute for this run. It felt great just to get out.




Monday– Set out and did an afternoon ride of 30.4 miles. Followed 10 minute core workout.img_0824


Tuesday – Did a morning strength leg focus workout with some ladies at the park. Then I followed it with 3.1 miles of speed intervals. 1 minute speed workout at about 8img_0826 minute mile followed by 2 minutes of recovery at 12 minute mile. Continued this interval until I reached a 5K. img_0825


Wednesday– Stretch out swim. Went to the pool with the family in the evening and got in 663 yards in the pool. Not as many yards as I wanted, but I at least I got something in. Goal was to stretch it out with each stroke.  I also did some yoga. I personally like Yoga with Adriene. She has a lot of videos on YouTube you can check them out here.img_0827


Thursday – 4 mile easy run. Walked for 45 seconds to a minute at each mile marker. Averaged 10:37/mile. Then swaimg_0828m with the family. Didn’t track yards in the pool, but swam a few laps with the kiddos.  Evening stretch out with bedtime yoga you can find here.img_0833

Friday – 11 mile hike with ladders and some jogging with my older 2 girls. Technically was only to be a 5 mile hike, but wanted to try a different trail. Should have consulted the map before venturing on. Didn’t realize it was such a long trail. It was great bonding time with my girls and they did amazing! We really love our hiking days together.



First Sprint Triathlon Review

Let me first say I am totally hooked! Training for this triathlon has been both fun and rewarding. My goal was to complete my first triathlon by age 35. So no better way to turn 35 then do a triathlon. A fabulous birthday weekend it was. I honestly couldn’t have done it with all the love and support of my husband and 5 kiddos. They all cheered me on every step of the way! Of course my mom too, no matter the miles she is always encouraging!!

When I first started out training for this triathlon I wasn’t a strong swimmer, but I can say I have grown stronger. I still have room for improvement and I am ok with that. I mapped out a 10 solid weeks of training. In my training program I schedule out 3 days of swimming a week.  I typically swam at least 1200 yards per training session. Before starting this program, I never lapped swim. I only played and swam around in the pool with my kiddos. So thanks to my husband, Rob, for taking me under his wing and coaching me along in the pool.

The biking and run I knew I wouldn’t have a problem with individually, but transition from one right after the other came with practice. It started out as a weird feeling from getting off the bike to running, but by the end it felt great!

That brings me to race weekend! I picked up my packet and was thankful to run into the lady from TriSports as she walked me through setting up my transition area.  I felt like I had a good understanding after watching and talking through it with Rob during his triathlons, but she provided me with a lot of insight. Watching her set up and go through the flow certainly helped me on race day! img_0784


That evening I laid out all my gear that I would need for race day. This way I didn’t have to worry about it in the morning. So here is what I packed. On the left: Altra Running shoes with my socks already in them. Headsweats visor. Performance Bike cycle jersey that I will put on after the swim. In the middle: cycle helmet, CamelBak water containers, goggles, swim cap, Girls Run Fast Tattoo ( I put on that night), race belt and bib. On the right: Lululemon Energy H2O sports bra and SLS3 triathlon shorts. img_0792

That morning woke up early and had some sausage and eggs for breakfast along with some water. Braided my hair so it would easily fit in my swim cap and allow me to put on my cycle helmet without having to make any adjustments. We got to the race site at 5:20am to be sure got a good transition area spot. Race didn’t start until 7am. We found prime location just beside the bike out portion. I would rather spend less time running with the bike then having to run with my bike. Coming out the water I had to run a little further to get to my bike, but then I was right at the bike out. Coming back in from the bike I only had to go a short distance with my bike back to my rack. I also did a little walk through my transition area of how things would go when I actually had to transition from swim to bike and bike to run. Also very important to know where your transition area is in regards to landmarks since the area will eventually be filled with several other bikes! Then I set up my transition area as you can see below. The cap and goggles will go with me to the pool. Then I set up exactly how I will need to grab my stuff and put it on in each transition. This way when you get to your transition you have a flow and can get going!

Then it was off to number markings, timing chip, using the bathroom one last time, and checking out the pool!img_0790

Leg 1: Swim 400m…The swim was in a 50m pool. I trained in a 25m pool, but didn’t think it would be a huge adjustment. Just told myself to stretch it out in the pool and pace myself so I wouldn’t get tired. Even though I swam with someone in my lane while training, it didn’t really prepare me for what it would be really like with all these people in the pool! I started out great for the first 200m, but then caught up to a group of fellows. They were fast then slow and it took a lot of my reserved energy just to try to get around them. For me that was a little frustrating on myself, but I managed. It was a great learning experience for sure and shows I still have plenty of room for improvement too. I loved seeing everyone out there and really giving it there all. I saw everything from freestyle, to backstroke, sidestroke, breaststroke, even chicken-airplane-soldier. Really whatever it takes to get through those 400 meters! It took me 10 minutes to finish 400m ( about 1 minute slower than my time trials) but I was happy with the outcome.

Transition 1 to Leg 2: Bike 12 miles…My favorite part is the bike. I transitioned well and gave it all on my bike. I was a little exhausted getting out the pool. More exhausted then I thought I would be. I biked a smooth 12 miles and even chatted up with some friendly competition on the steady inclines. Enjoyed hearing everyone cheering each other on. While on the bike I was sure to refuel and hydrate. Since this isn’t a long triathlon I didn’t need a lot. I used Tailwind Endurance Fuel in with my water while on the bike. Which was enough to hold me through until the end. I averaged 18.9 mph on the bike.

Transition 2 to the final Leg 3: Run a 5K…Off the bike I went. I put on my Headsweats visor and grabbed my race belt and off I went. The nice thing about the race belt is I can fasten it while I run. Since I don’t have cycle shoes my running shoes were already on making this transition a breeze.  The run went as I expected. I was able to keep a steady pace and run the entire course. Coming of the bike my pace was quicker, but didn’t want to exhaust myself so backed off just a bit and averaged 9:45/mile for my run.

Overall I was very pleased with how my first triathlon went and certainly can’t wait to do another one! I was tired, but full of smiles when I was done. For now I will continue to work on my swim and sticking with Sprint triathlons until I feel ready to conquer more meters in the pool. I certainly loved every minute of this process. It was also great to join up with a family friend!!img_0787



Weekly Workout 9/25 – 10/1

This is the final week before taper week for me. Mesa Sprint Triathlon is quickly approaching and I am feeling ready. Since this is my first one, I don’t have an big expectations for myself. My bike and run I will have no problem with. The swim I feel ready for and just need to remember to pace it out. As Rob reminded me this week in the pool a 400m swim isn’t like 400m on the track. I can’t treat it as an all out sprint otherwise I will be overly exhausted getting on the bike. So this coming week swims will be working on pacing and really stretching it out in the pool.

This week I also worked out in my triathlon suit that I will be wearing for the race. This way I get a feel for what it will be like. Since my swims are in a one piece suit, it was a total different feel for me this week in the pool. I am wearing tri shorts and a swim bra top. When I get out of the water I will just throw on a cycle jersey for my bike and run.  With it being my first race I didn’t want to sink money yet into a triathlon suit. As I do more, then I will look at buying one, or look for them to go on sale 🙂 I miss the feel of a full body compression of a one piece swim suit and felt like I was dragging in the pool this week. Could be mental thing, but just didn’t like how I have felt in the pool… Hopefully this week will feel better in it.

Here is my weekly workouts:

Sunday: Ran 10k at run 5 minutes : walk 1 minute.

I felt really good the first 3 plus miles, but as soon as I hit mile 4 I hit a wall. I really could have used a boost of energy. I have never been a person to eat/drink while running even when doing my half marathon I didn’t. Although, now I am noticing good changes when I keep myself hydrated and have extra protein/energy boost during my longer workouts.

Monday: Biked 16 miles followed by a 2 mile transition run. Cool down 15 minutes of Yoga.

Tuesday: Morning swim: Warm up: 100m freestyle, 100m kick x2. 300m freestyle x3 , cool down: mixed strokes, 50m kicks, 50m freestyle. Total of 1316 yards. Then I met up with some local ladies for a 50 minute strength training workout; consisting of kettlebells and body work.

Wednesday: Rest day with some stretching and foam rolling

Thursday: 12.9 mile bike ride followed by an evening swim. That evening swim wasn’t what I was thinking it would be. Dark goggles and night time don’t mix. I could barely see in the pool! One thing I will need to work on as I progress with my swimming. I stuck to 25m drills. Worked on kicks and then arms drills for a total of 1068 yards.

Friday: Rest Day. Took the day completely off. I was shooting for a quick run, but just didn’t happen. Day was busy full conferences and assemblies at school. Then doctor appointments for myself. By 8pm I just wasn’t up for a night run so I took the time and spent it with my family!

Saturday: With approaching race week my swim coach, who is my husband, took me out and was giving me pointers on my swim. One thing I am hoping for in the weeks to come is to spend more time with him in the water. With works schedules and availability I didn’t get in the pool with him as much as I wanted to. The good thing though is it has only been 8 weeks since I took on this swimming gig, and I can say I have learned a lot. Very proud of where I have come and I thank him for helping me get to where I needed to be. Never thought I would be doing as well as I am in the pool. So started out with a timed 400m test swim. Then did 50m kicks, 50m buoy and arm workouts, arm reach drills, streamlines, and 50m mixed strokes for total of 1232 yards. Followed that up with a 21.5 mile bike and a 1 mile post bike cool down walk.

Sunday: Joined my pacer in 3.3 mile run. My lovely pacer is my son on his bike. Sometimes I feel stuck with my runs and he knows just how to push me. Plus we get some time together to chat! I ran 5:1 (run 5 minutes: walk 1 minute) intervals with a sub 30minute 5K!

Next race coming up for me is the Girls Run Fast 10K in November!  It isn’t too late to register, and they have a virtual run too.  Go check out the Girls Run Fast Women’s 10K here. The have a 5K, 10K, and 15k challenge.

Saturday ended the month of September with a total of 26 tracked hours of training. Of those training hours here is the break down of my swim, bike, and runs.

Swim: 12,771 yards

Bike: 140 miles

Run: 32.8 miles



Weekly Workout 9/18 – 9/24

As my first triathlon is quickly approaching ( in two weeks ) I have learned a lot about what my body can handle. It really is never to late to try something new. As I am turning 35 that same weekend I decided to set a goal for myself to complete my first triathlon. I have certainly enjoyed training for it. It takes dedication, but I had a training plan set aside to help guide me along.

Here are some links out to a couple training programs I have enjoyed using. I make tweaks for myself where I see fit for me. I like having something visual so I print them off, make any corrections I need to, and hang them on my fridge. I also like using Strava to track my workout results.

Half Marathon Training Program:

This incorporates interval training (which I LOVE) –  Women’s Running

Triathlon Training Programs:

Timex Ironman – Beginner Olympic Triathlon Program

Steve Atwell – 3 month Triathlon Training Program

Women’s Running – 6 Week Triathlon Training Program

Andrew Kalley – Triathlon Training Program

Weekly Workout:

  • Sunday: Ran 4.6 miles ( Run 4 minutes: Walk 2 minutes)
  • Monday: Swim – 441 yard test swim, followed by 1231 yard swim drills (100m timed intervals and cool down of mixed strokes)                                                                                   Followed by strength and core session: 3 Turkish get-ups on each side. Then Kettlebell Swing Clean and Press- 6 each side, Arm rows- 6 each side, Single leg deadlift- 6 each side, weighted front squat- 6 each side and repeat 3 times thru. End with 5 pull-ups.
  • Tuesday: 9.2 mile bike ride to the mountains, Hike 4.4 miles, and 9.3 mile bike home from the mountains – all with a really great friend. Some serious girl time was needed in my books.  Then ended with a 2.1 mile transition run (run right after final bike).  This day was a heavier day then what I normally would have done, but wanted to be sure I got my transition run in still.
  • Wednesday: Swim Drills for total of 1600 yards: Warm-up: 100m swim: 50m kick X3. Then 300m x3 with 30-45 sec rest between each set. Cool down: 100m kick, 50m breast stroke, 50m backstroke, 50m freestyle. End with 15 upright rows.
  • Thursday: Rest Day
  • Friday: 12 mile bike ride followed by 5K brick run in morning. Evening Ab workout 30secs work, 10 sec rest: Clamshells each side, Single leg bridge each side, side plank dips each side, bird-dogs, V-ups, side plank dips, russian twist, bridge hold, and low plank. Repeat x 1. End with 15 minutes of yoga.
  • Saturday: Today would have been a swimming day for me, but I decided to sleep in instead. Plus the weather was cooler this morning so played with the kiddos outside and got some outside projects done. Gearing up for a long run on Sunday!

Make the time to do something for yourself. Do what you love, love what you do!