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My go to snack right now-LARABAR

When I think of a snack for myself, I think of something quick and satisfying. As I have discussed before I enjoy snacking on LARABAR. An enjoyable fruit and nut bar. I am a busy and active momma. I usually have them in my purse or hiking bag. Having food in my purse is a must. If I am out running errands and it took longer then expected (which is common) I know I have something healthy to snack on to hold me over until I get home. It beats picking up junk food while out and about. I have pretty much tried every LARABAR! Our go to LARABARs are: blueberry muffin, key lime pie, lemon bar, apple pie, carrot cake, cashew cookie, and mint chip brownie (target only). Phew! I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them really!

I like to get creative with my LARABARs. I crumble them up on top of yogurt, crumble them up on top of my Acai Bowls. If you haven’t tried Acai Bowls you must. Check out my recipe I made here. Now my new obsession is topping them with nut butter. Specifically, Barney Butter Smoothed Almond Butter, or Barney Butter Cocoa & Coconut. It has put a new twist on my favorite snack.  One of my favorites is Cashew Cookie Larabar with Smooth Barney Butter Almond Butter. I totally did the happy dance at Costco this past weekend because they had a box of cashew cookie and apple pie 18ct combo box for $14.99 plus another $4 off! I usually get them at my local Sprouts because they are between $0.88-$1.00 a piece.

Yes you can say I am a LARABAR-aholic. I now need to go and try the Larabar Organic with Superfoods. I have been eyeing the Tumeric, Ginger, and Beet combo since I love me some ginger.

Now get to snacking and don’t forget to be healthy and creative!

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Weekly Menu for May 21-27

It is that time again to plan for weekly meals and grocery shop. Right now my meal plans are running Saturday thru Friday with the following Saturday being my grocery shopping day and meal prep. It worked out perfect for me this week!

I have been dedicating myself to a new goal of waking up early (5am) and getting my workout in and daily prayer. So far it has been a great goal for me. I am enjoying my workouts with the hubby as well as some time to spend in prayer before the day gets busy. I love the feeling of accomplishment and the ability to dive into my day. It has helped with my sleep quality too. The weekends are no different. I was up and ready to go. I did my menu planning the day before so I just had to plug in my groceries into my Wunderlist App and away I went. If you haven’t check out this app yet you really should!

I took one of my older daughters with me this morning. She was a great helper. I really enjoy getting my kiddos involved in planning, shopping, preparing of our food. We rocked it; 3 stores in 2 1/2 hours! Really shorter than that since Trader Joes is at about 30 minutes in just driving one way. Van full of great clean, wholesome food! Oh and plus couldn’t forget the Traeger pellets so we can smoke the brisket we picked up.  IMG_0456

We unloaded the van when we got home, grabbed a quick snack and got to work. Here is our menu for the week.Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.17.31 PM

My older girls were in charge of preparing and making all snacks. This menu that included Mini Banana Muffins, Jello (Against All Grain), Sunbutter Balls, and Chocolate Avocado Pudding (Delighted Momma). I included the links for the recipes I use.

There you have it, happy menu planning or feel free to use mine! I am ready to get this week start. Remember keep it simple…Keep it clean.

Clean Eating, snacks

Larabar and Yogurt for snacks

It’s Friday and I am ready to enjoy the weekend with my family.  Looking forward to hitting the mountains for a hike if all goes as planned. When we go hiking it calls for lots of water and of course some healthy snacks.

One of our favorite snacks to take along with us is a Larabar. It is a great energy stabilizer. They are made from 100% real food. Made up of fruit and nuts. Some of the bars do have chocolate in them, but it is Fair Trade Certified chocolate. The Larabar has simple ingredients, is minimally processed, and GMO free.

One of our number 1 favorite go to Larabar is the Blueberry Muffin, which you can find here. It only has 6 simple ingredients: Dates, cashews, unsweetened blueberries, blueberry juice concentrate, lemon juice concentrate, and vanilla extract. The Blueberry Muffin Larabar is Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Non-GMO. They are several different flavors, so I am sure you will find one you will love! You can read more about Larabar and their story here.IMG_0137

So I was hitting up Target today grabbing a few things that were on sale thanks to the cartwheel app. A couple a our favorite yogurts were on the cartwheel app. Organic Stoneyfields YoKids squeezers was 50% off and Chobani Kids Tubes 5% off today. My kiddos enjoy having yogurt for snack, and I feel comfortable providing them these options.


I really try to just sticking to my grocery list and that is it, but as I was walking out something caught my eyes. I usually have great will power, but when it comes to certain types of mints…maybe not so much. Mint Chip Brownie Larabar….Say WHAT! So of course I had to pick up a box up to try. What can I say, they are simply amazing. They are Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, Dairy Free, and Kosher. They are made with dates, almonds, semisweet chocolate chips (unseated chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla extract), cashews, cocoa powder, and peppermint oil. They sure are dangerously good! So good in fact, I had the hubs pick up a couple of boxes for me to have on hand! After looking into it further since I have not seen this kind anywhere (and I know and tried almost every one) I found out this kind is actually Target exclusive only. Note to self…So if you are out and about at Target you should keep a look out for these. A nice healthy treat for oneself from time to time! IMG_0138

Happy snacking! Remember keep it simple…Keep it healthy. Enjoy your journey, wherever it may take you. Enjoy your beautiful weekend.