Weekly Workout 9/25 – 10/1

This is the final week before taper week for me. Mesa Sprint Triathlon is quickly approaching and I am feeling ready. Since this is my first one, I don’t have an big expectations for myself. My bike and run I will have no problem with. The swim I feel ready for and just need to remember to pace it out. As Rob reminded me this week in the pool a 400m swim isn’t like 400m on the track. I can’t treat it as an all out sprint otherwise I will be overly exhausted getting on the bike. So this coming week swims will be working on pacing and really stretching it out in the pool.

This week I also worked out in my triathlon suit that I will be wearing for the race. This way I get a feel for what it will be like. Since my swims are in a one piece suit, it was a total different feel for me this week in the pool. I am wearing tri shorts and a swim bra top. When I get out of the water I will just throw on a cycle jersey for my bike and run.  With it being my first race I didn’t want to sink money yet into a triathlon suit. As I do more, then I will look at buying one, or look for them to go on sale 🙂 I miss the feel of a full body compression of a one piece swim suit and felt like I was dragging in the pool this week. Could be mental thing, but just didn’t like how I have felt in the pool… Hopefully this week will feel better in it.

Here is my weekly workouts:

Sunday: Ran 10k at run 5 minutes : walk 1 minute.

I felt really good the first 3 plus miles, but as soon as I hit mile 4 I hit a wall. I really could have used a boost of energy. I have never been a person to eat/drink while running even when doing my half marathon I didn’t. Although, now I am noticing good changes when I keep myself hydrated and have extra protein/energy boost during my longer workouts.

Monday: Biked 16 miles followed by a 2 mile transition run. Cool down 15 minutes of Yoga.

Tuesday: Morning swim: Warm up: 100m freestyle, 100m kick x2. 300m freestyle x3 , cool down: mixed strokes, 50m kicks, 50m freestyle. Total of 1316 yards. Then I met up with some local ladies for a 50 minute strength training workout; consisting of kettlebells and body work.

Wednesday: Rest day with some stretching and foam rolling

Thursday: 12.9 mile bike ride followed by an evening swim. That evening swim wasn’t what I was thinking it would be. Dark goggles and night time don’t mix. I could barely see in the pool! One thing I will need to work on as I progress with my swimming. I stuck to 25m drills. Worked on kicks and then arms drills for a total of 1068 yards.

Friday: Rest Day. Took the day completely off. I was shooting for a quick run, but just didn’t happen. Day was busy full conferences and assemblies at school. Then doctor appointments for myself. By 8pm I just wasn’t up for a night run so I took the time and spent it with my family!

Saturday: With approaching race week my swim coach, who is my husband, took me out and was giving me pointers on my swim. One thing I am hoping for in the weeks to come is to spend more time with him in the water. With works schedules and availability I didn’t get in the pool with him as much as I wanted to. The good thing though is it has only been 8 weeks since I took on this swimming gig, and I can say I have learned a lot. Very proud of where I have come and I thank him for helping me get to where I needed to be. Never thought I would be doing as well as I am in the pool. So started out with a timed 400m test swim. Then did 50m kicks, 50m buoy and arm workouts, arm reach drills, streamlines, and 50m mixed strokes for total of 1232 yards. Followed that up with a 21.5 mile bike and a 1 mile post bike cool down walk.

Sunday: Joined my pacer in 3.3 mile run. My lovely pacer is my son on his bike. Sometimes I feel stuck with my runs and he knows just how to push me. Plus we get some time together to chat! I ran 5:1 (run 5 minutes: walk 1 minute) intervals with a sub 30minute 5K!

Next race coming up for me is the Girls Run Fast 10K in November!  It isn’t too late to register, and they have a virtual run too.  Go check out the Girls Run Fast Women’s 10K here. The have a 5K, 10K, and 15k challenge.

Saturday ended the month of September with a total of 26 tracked hours of training. Of those training hours here is the break down of my swim, bike, and runs.

Swim: 12,771 yards

Bike: 140 miles

Run: 32.8 miles



Weekly Workout 9/18 – 9/24

As my first triathlon is quickly approaching ( in two weeks ) I have learned a lot about what my body can handle. It really is never to late to try something new. As I am turning 35 that same weekend I decided to set a goal for myself to complete my first triathlon. I have certainly enjoyed training for it. It takes dedication, but I had a training plan set aside to help guide me along.

Here are some links out to a couple training programs I have enjoyed using. I make tweaks for myself where I see fit for me. I like having something visual so I print them off, make any corrections I need to, and hang them on my fridge. I also like using Strava to track my workout results.

Half Marathon Training Program:

This incorporates interval training (which I LOVE) –  Women’s Running

Triathlon Training Programs:

Timex Ironman – Beginner Olympic Triathlon Program

Steve Atwell – 3 month Triathlon Training Program

Women’s Running – 6 Week Triathlon Training Program

Andrew Kalley – Triathlon Training Program

Weekly Workout:

  • Sunday: Ran 4.6 miles ( Run 4 minutes: Walk 2 minutes)
  • Monday: Swim – 441 yard test swim, followed by 1231 yard swim drills (100m timed intervals and cool down of mixed strokes)                                                                                   Followed by strength and core session: 3 Turkish get-ups on each side. Then Kettlebell Swing Clean and Press- 6 each side, Arm rows- 6 each side, Single leg deadlift- 6 each side, weighted front squat- 6 each side and repeat 3 times thru. End with 5 pull-ups.
  • Tuesday: 9.2 mile bike ride to the mountains, Hike 4.4 miles, and 9.3 mile bike home from the mountains – all with a really great friend. Some serious girl time was needed in my books.  Then ended with a 2.1 mile transition run (run right after final bike).  This day was a heavier day then what I normally would have done, but wanted to be sure I got my transition run in still.
  • Wednesday: Swim Drills for total of 1600 yards: Warm-up: 100m swim: 50m kick X3. Then 300m x3 with 30-45 sec rest between each set. Cool down: 100m kick, 50m breast stroke, 50m backstroke, 50m freestyle. End with 15 upright rows.
  • Thursday: Rest Day
  • Friday: 12 mile bike ride followed by 5K brick run in morning. Evening Ab workout 30secs work, 10 sec rest: Clamshells each side, Single leg bridge each side, side plank dips each side, bird-dogs, V-ups, side plank dips, russian twist, bridge hold, and low plank. Repeat x 1. End with 15 minutes of yoga.
  • Saturday: Today would have been a swimming day for me, but I decided to sleep in instead. Plus the weather was cooler this morning so played with the kiddos outside and got some outside projects done. Gearing up for a long run on Sunday!

Make the time to do something for yourself. Do what you love, love what you do!