School Lunches


Not setting an alarm…waking up late…rushing to get breakfast out…lunches packed… Yep, that is how my morning went today.  Really never a dull moment in my house. Then off to see my chiropractor, and crazy amount of grocery shopping. I am ready for a nap!

After 2 years of Paleo, we decided start adding in a few different foods to see how we adapt. My kiddos can handle rice just fine, so we have added it back into our menu. This is why I say I am not any one particular diet.  We listen to our bodies, and make the best possible choices for us.

So today’s lunch was leftovers quickly thrown together so the kiddos could get out the door and off to school on time 🙂 Usually I will add gravy to their rice, but we used up the rest of what we had at dinner last night. Our gravy is made from our hoIMG_0065memade bone broth with a little bit of tapioca starch added to it. A great way for my kiddos to get some bone broth in their diet since they will not always drink it straight.

Today I packed them rice, leftover ham, carrots, blueberries, and a sunbutter ball. Keep it simple and keep it healthy.  Enjoy your beautiful weekend!

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