Week 7 – School Lunches

We have been using Rudis wraps for a little while since I got them for a great price at Costco before they quit selling them. Really $2.18 for a 18 pack of gluten-free wraps is a great deal!

I have been asked a time or two about how much my kiddos really eat. For the most part they eat their entire lunch especially if it is something they really love! Plus I try to only pack what I know they will eat. What is the point in packing a lunch if they won’t eat it. The kiddos and I have a deal that they eat what they can and they keep whatever they don’t eat in their lunch box. I do this for a couple reasons. 1. I don’t want them to be wasting food, and if they don’t finish it will stay cold until they get home. 2. I want to know how much they are eating. 3. Whatever they don’t finish they will eat when they get home from school as part of their snack. For instance my boy will sometimes run out of Frank’s Red Hot and will wait until he gets home to get more to eat with his chicken.

So here is another week of healthy school lunches for my elementary kiddos!

Monday: Red and Orange sweet peppers. Oranges. Stonyfield Vanilla yogurt. Grilled hamburger. Banana chips and Dark Chocolate Honey Mint ( I get from Trader Joe’s).img_0805

Tuesday: Cheesestick. Organges and Blueberries. Sweet Pepper. Rudis wrap with sunbutter and honey. Banana Chips.img_0806

Wednesday: Wholly Guac with organic corn chips (forgot to picture the corn chips but I put them in a separate baggie. Carrots. Oranges. Stonyfield organic vanilla yogurt with strawberries. Scrambled eggs. Wallace Farm Nick-Sticks ( you can buy them here).img_0807

Thursday: Pork and scrambled egg rudis wrap. Dried Apricots and plantain chips. Carrots. Sweet Pepper.img_0808

Friday: Organic Corn Chips. Oranges. Carrots. Grilled hamburger with organic ketchup. Half of Kind barimg_0809

Another week has gone by as we embark on the coming November month. Which also means we are super excited to be spending time with the in-laws!  I am very much a family person so I love it when I get to spend time with family. I love that my kiddos get just as excited as I do when we see our extended families 🙂


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