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Peanut Allergy & Snacking on a Sunbutter ball

My youngest daughter, C-girl, has a peanut allergy so I wanted to find a great snack we could have.   I have chosen not to keep peanut butter in my house for this primary reason.  My snack of choice back in 2013 was the peanut butter cookie Larabar or the peanut butter chocolate chip larabar. I probably had one at least once a day!

Her diagnosis came on April 19, 2013. It is a day I will never forget. As usual I had stopped at the store to pick up a few items, and grabbed myself a Larabar to have later that
afternoon. The rest of the kiddos came home from school, and snacks were ready to be served.  One thing I try to have ready is snacks when they get home. No matter what they are ALWAYS hungry when they get home from school. I was snacking on my Larabar when my C-girl came up and asked for a bite.  So I gave her the smallest of bites ( I mean tiny, I am not big on sharing my sweets…)IMG_2836

It was only a matter of seconds before she started getting red. I yelled for Rob because I knew that she was probably reacting. Her body broke out in a rash from head to toe. She got red in the face, neck, and armpits.

I immediately called her pediatrician to explain what was going on. I gave her some Benadryl per her pediatrician’s request. We didn’t need to take her into the hospital as the benadryl was starting to work.  I just remember being so scared, and her not knowing what was going on.

So we always carry an epi-pen with us, and visit the allergist yearly. I was hopeful she would grow out of it.  Although, when we took her in this year to be tested she still has the peanut allergy.  Probably one she will not grow out of her Allergist said…


So in comes the making for a Sunbutter Ball.  I love taking these on our hiking trips, road trips, and camping adventures.  It is also great in lunches, after school snacks, and on the run!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Bonus, have your kiddos help you make them.  Always great to have children help you in the kitchen, and great way to get some math in! Feel free to cut the recipe in half if you don’t want to make so many at once.  Store extras in the fridge.

Sunbutter Balls


1 cup of sunbutter

2 handfuls shredded coconut 

5tbsp raw unfiltered honey

3tbs coconut flour – sifted

1/4 cup plus enjoy life chocolate chips

Handful of raisins- or more depending on your liking

Mix together the sunbutter and honey. Add in the coconut flour and mix.  Add in the shredded coconut and mix. Finally mix in the chocolate chips and raisins.  Take a mini scoop and make small balls.  I layer parchment paper between rows. Makes approx. 34 small balls.IMG_0004

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    1. Thanks! Yours is a great recipe too, although my family doesn’t do good with gluten free oats. I appreciate you sharing it!


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